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Find Your Voice & Roar

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#Sound Medicine

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Calibrated Affirmations | Emotional Alchemy | Tuning Fork Therapy | Energy Cleanse | Mind Spa

Creation is a roar not a meow! When a woman gives birth, she roars. We walk our sacred path of life to the beat of our heart, the sounds of the world, the universe and the symphony of the whole of creation. 

Life is a gift, a white-knuckle ride, a wonderful and sometimes painful experience. Trauma happens and we all respond uniquely - the key is not to get stuck in it. If we do get stuck, sometimes we need a hand to pull us out. 

Everything starts in the invisible world of energy or spirit and so in order to heal that is where we need to look first.

I work with sound, music, energy, thoughts and emotions to help you heal from the challenges life brings.

#Calibrated Affirmations

We respond best to the sound of our own voice:

Interestingly,  our minds will respond best to our own voice giving it instructions. I use my skills as a recording artist, therapist and voice specialist to record personalized affirmations. This creates neurogenesis over a period of 3 weeks to 3 months on average, rewiring the neural pathways through the unique sound of the individual's voice. The results have been incredible.

Here are two videos that will give you a deeper explanation.

Poem by SophieSophie
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This is Sophie's beautiful poem in response to her second healing session. 

She is such an incredible soul and has been through the hardest journey.

Healing is now happening. The waters have broken....

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Tuning Fork Therapy & Singing Bowls 

Tuning forks work through sympathetic resonance, tuning up the frequencies and removing the dissonance, trauma and negative stuck energy from our electro-magnetic field surrounding our body.

As humans, we tend to store excess emotional baggage in our energy centers and 'bio-field' to either deal with it later or leave it in the sub-conscious. This creates emotional toxicity and no matter how a being may try to heal, unless they deal with the clutter in the field, not a lot will change.

As a Tuning fork therapist, I use a wide variety of techniques to clear the field.

Please click here for a more in depth explanation. 

It usually takes about 6-10 sessions to see a result. Please see the link at the bottom of the page to buy your own set of forks.

Emotional Alchemy and Mind Spa

Emotions are magnetic and thoughts are electric. I work with people through the use of Rife frequencies, powerful inner visualizations and meditations to clean up emotional and mental problems, once again precipitating healing through the power of the client's own voice through quantum healing and deep inner work. The results have been quite extraordinary. Are you ready to detox?


I work with a pendulum in order to check the energy flow.. I recommend some thing like this. Click the picture.

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