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Calibrated Affirmations & Visualisations

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Find Your Voice & Roar

We are light and sound, frequency and vibration

If you truly want to be healed then you will have to let go of everything that made you ill in the first place! If you want to change then you have to pick up your bed and walk. True healing begins with taking responsibility for oneself.

If you would like to book a session, please do so via email.

Free initial consultation. Email to book with me.



Finding your voice in your life can sometimes be challenging, especially if your have been 'shut up' or put down. Whether it's in business or in your personal life, speaking your truth and being heard is essential if you're going to feel happy, authentic and free. Feeling suppressed leads to feeling depressed and diminished so don't let that happen! Learn how to stand your ground and #ROAR!!!! I work with people, animals and nature to help them break free of trauma, pain and disease, unlocking chains that are holding them back in life so they live authentically in alignment with their Creator. This includes working with the unique sonic tone of the voice in a therapeutic way, based on my recent research into 'Cymatics,' Resonance Behaviour and how sound affects the Mind, Body and Spirit.Private sessions also include deep inner work, using tuning forks, mindset re-patterning and personalised #affirmations. This for people who are thirsty for change and growth. It is not for those who are 'spiritual shoppers'.I create music calibrated to your unique resonance. It's your Soul Song. You. Even your blood has its own resonance, like no one else on earth.

Sound changes our internal and external realities. The words we speak program our minds and we become what we say we are. Therefore, speak life into your life and into the world in which we live and declare your now and your future. "The power of life and death are held within the tongue and those who love it, eat its fruits...' You will become empowered by the positive words you speak. Below is a video I made about 'adverse suggestions'. Hope you enjoy it.


#Calibrated Affirmations

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