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#calibrated  #affirmations: Empower your self through the sound of your own #voice

  • Finding Your Sonic resonance, Affirmations and Declarations +
    2 hr
    200 British pounds
  • About 45 mins of Energy Centre Balancing using tuning forks
    45 min
    65 British pounds
  • A deeper look at how unforgiveness creates dis-ease. Transformational.
    1 hr
    Donation Only
  • Personalised musical calibration set to your tonal frequency.
    1 hr
    200 British pounds
  • A beautiful7 day program to cleanse, detox and open the Pineal Gland.
    50 British pounds
  • Opening your chakras with your voice
    1 hr
    150 British pounds
  • Call me if you have questions or want to connect. Here to help.
    15 min
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