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It must be about a year ago that a young man contacted me via telegram needing a little assistance. I could feel his vibration clearly and decided to engage in what has become a very lovely connection that I am sure will last a lifetime, even if we never meet in the flesh. His authenticity and honesty was and is refreshing. As an older person I feel a great responsibility to impart only the highest truth (within my capacity) to the next generations and in doing so, I have learnt a lot from Will, who has responded in kind.

He is still at university and has absolutely excellent visions of the future. He gives me hope and I am pleased to have connected with him. He has now started his own blog and so, I have decided that it would be nice to introduce him to all of you.

But first, here is what he said about our connection:

"I was in a low point in my life when I met Helen. I found this group on telegram, don't remember the name but it was about therapists in the UK. I hovered there for a few hours just doing some reconnaissance, then I saw Helen posting. I don't remember what she said to be exact, but you know her, it was something spiritual 😂. Something in me resonated with what she said and I decided to shoot her a DM and that was the beginning of my beautiful friendship with Helen. She has taught me a lot and pulled me from the low vibration I was in. Introduced me to this beautiful community and our relationship is still growing and blossoming. She really is a pure soul, benign and full of radiant energy. Y'all better take care of her😉"

I hope you will all support him xx

And here is the link to his first blog:

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