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A deeper research

Good morning lovely people,

I am very excited about my forthcoming chapter 3 and the next video:

"It's time to wake up the trees 2" which I am formulating now.

It's a study of the energy centres of our body and more demystification of the myths and stories that have kept us, as beings, locked in fear. 'They' don't want us to know who we really are.

So if you want to join me in this exploration (which is a slow process) please come to my members page and for the price of one cup of coffee a month (yes a month = £3.00) you can have a basic access to all my work and some extras.

love Helen

In the image, you can see the head of the 'snake' in the garden of 'eden'. Our body, our temple. So much to uncover here and let go of. See you on the inside.

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