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Big Pharma and the Evolution of Medicine

We know that the likes of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Roche and similar are only really interested in one thing and it's not healing people.

However, the mindset of would-be healers and their admin teams has to shift BIG TIME if we are to have any kind of healthy future.

Upon attending an alternative health conference recently in Leeds, the mindset of the administration team was totally stuck in the old paradigm of poverty consciousness and severe lack. So used to everything being about money and 'how much', the head of the team didn't realise that they are assisting in holding back the true evolution of healing, cutting-edge science and technology and future medicine owing to their own mental limitations and total lack of research and knowledge. The last thing we want to be saying is 'Here comes the new boss, just like the old boss'. If we are to succeed in taking down the old corrupt system, we have to replace it with something better, not the same old mind-numbing ignorance. This is not a personal criticism, it's an observation. Bless these souls, they are all doing their best and I don't mean to sound patronizing.

In conversation, I happened to mention latest sonic healing research to one of the admin team who holds the purse strings for literally 1000s of people. His eyes glazed over after the 2nd sentence and he 'shut off' owing to the fact that it was more than fifty quid for a treatment. "How are people going to afford that?' His attention was easily taken by someone else who wanted to talk about a cheaper, ineffective therapy. Sound familiar?

I grew impatient and decided to dance the night away to the 80s music being performed by a solo Karaoke musician. I stopped when the Abba songs started and consoled myself with a cuppa in my lovely room.

In my new job, which starts in December, I shall be building a bridge between these cutting edge technologies, bringing the comprehension of new tech to people everywhere. I shall be putting the data into layman's terms so that informed choices can be made. I am a layman so there won't be much nomentclature.

Part of human consciousness is status and authority. 2 things that have been knocked out of my life following an elite education where I was told I was better than everyone else. I learnt better and know first hand what it's like to be at the apparent bottom of the imaginary heap. All illusion. That took a while to see. What's beyond the illusion?

At 17 I knew that disease was a frequency and if only we could isolate the frequency we could heal the problem.... 40 years later... and here I am working with the tech that has done precisely this.

More to follow.

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1 Comment

Thanks Helen, Very informative! The journey i am on . I notice it a lot. As given the label of incurable cancer and a death sentence it fills you with so much fear! I believe individuals pray on peoples vulnerability and fears! They charge a fortune just to speak to someone. The old system is broken and i choose to find my own way through the murky waters, surrounding myself with love and the aspect of synergy 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts' Nourish the inner world and dont focus on the external outer world of illusion is my mantra. lol

Love and light to all

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