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Biofield and Chakra Tune up

What does biofield and chakra tuning mean?

Our energy centers are etheric transmitters and receivers, exchanging energy on a moment to moment basis. As human beings, we can receive both positive and negative energy in the form of brain waves (positive and negative thoughts), vibrations and sonic frequencies from all that’s around us, including the food we eat and the water we drink. Everything is frequency.

All human energy can either be alchemised, transformed, used, removed or stored both consciously or unconsciously in the biofield, energy centers or body. Negative energies when stored in the form of trauma or disease, create a dissonance and an unhealthy aroma in the field of a being, rather like a contaminated cell in the physical body or a month of not washing up. Chronic conditions, repetitive thought patterns and PTSD can create an endless cycle of stress and disease.

Through sympathetic resonance and resonance behavior, the mind, body and spirit can be tuned and emotionally and spiritually cleared. Literally. Using tuning forks and singing bowls as well as light language and other musical frequencies, closed energy centers, trauma, lifelong emotional blockages can be released and cleared from the field.

This is an ancient practice visibly illustrated on the walls of the pyramids, hiding in plane sight. With a simple technique, using a pendulum and tuning forks, rather like water divining, the practitioner can remove the blocks and tune the being. It’s a spiritual, emotional and physical Spring clean.

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