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Breakthrough Technology

There are lots of incredible people out there who have invented breakthrough healing technology. We have Professor Andrew Hague's CELLSONIC which cures everything from arthritis, diabetic wounds to cancer... Yes, I said it... to Hans Van Moosel's Vocal Analyser which can isolate the frequencies of anger, sorrow, joy and many other things. (More to follow on the V.A.)

The word on the street says that the Medbeds we all dream about are already here but just not available to the likes of us yet.


The voltage of the body is one of the keys to good health but maintaining it depends on mindset and thoughts. Stinking thinking will always lower your voltage and then another 'treatment' will be necessary and a negative cycle ensues. We need a circuit breaker. But what is it?

We don't need to keep going over and over the same old ground. We need to flush the spiritual and emotional loo and let go of all the crap (putting it bluntly) and not retentively hold on or over analyse that which needs to be released. So what if our parents were horrible or we were abused or bullied? Are we going to keep mentally repeating the traumas until we're dead? No.

Modern therapies revisit over and over the same old same old never really healing anything but just wallpapering over the cracks and moving the furniture around the same room.

Same room, same old cracks, same furniture.

Why would we gold plate our prison bars when we can leave the prison behind?

Perhaps some don't want to be healed? Perhaps the pain is all that is left?

There is no point in pouring new wine into old skins. I've said it 100 times. The inner work has to be done and we have to be prepared to take ourselves in hand and kick our own butts until we 'move'. The inner shift is so important.

An intuitive like me can see all sorts of stuff going on in others (and in myself as well) but do I tell people everything I see? No. I get my tuning forks out and I get busy cleaning up the biofield and then flush the chain. I work with people's thoughts (and my own) and empower them through the sound of their own voice and consciousness. No point in me coming round to do your washing up for you! Do it yourself! Right? Getting the mindset right takes discipline, just like learning to play the piano - practice makes perfect.

Once the being is empowered to clean themselves up and take responsibility - the cutting edge technology WORKS longterm and healing is sustained.

What are you waiting for?

To heal or not to heal, that is the question!

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Oct 07, 2023

Excellent article, thank you I will check these out, exciting frequencies, much love and Gold StarLight, Au💛

Oct 09, 2023
Replying to

Compassion cures!! 💚

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