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Butterflies only last for one day..

As we unpick the symbols we find the infinite truth written in our DNA whether we are an Originee or Persian, Indo European or African, Hebrew or Asian. Seeing how the infusion of concepts has permeated universal culture and life here on this plane, it opens up the timeline both personally and collectively and a sense of infinity comes as a great relief to the finite apparency of problems we may or may not face now. When old paradigms shift through an infusion of 'multiversial' truth, the liberation is a welcome aromatic incense, rising into the ether. In order to de-program the program, one has to examine the program, see it for what it is and then allow it to diffuse, comprehending that there is truth within the lies. It's like sucking out the middle of a malteser without eating the chocolate..... however, melting the chocolate first is probably preferable but can get messy. I have got messy this month.... covered in chocolate but as it melts away, I am left with the inner fire of truth, permeating the next chapter. We are here like the butterflies who only last for one day. xxx Here's to our inner truth.

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