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Calibrated Affirmations and Music

When I work with someone to create a piece of music for them, I spend 2 hours going through the decades from 0-present time, finding out what was spoken on to them which no longer serves them. We find the anti-dote and record the new positive affirmation. The piece of calibrated music is in harmony with the client's vocal resonant frequency and putting the 2 together creates a very powerful way to transform. It takes 3 weeks to 266 days to create new neural pathways. This healing process can bring up old stuff and blockages which is why you need support. I am here to support you through the process and, in fact, if you want to go deeper, we can create a lifetime review course to transform your WHOLE life including health, wealth and life purpose. This is only for people who want radical change. You have to be courageous and ready to stop compromising.

My Garage studio is my 'girl cave' and I really love it. It might not be Air Studios but it gets great results. I am currently recording my own work in here, namely my audio book.

Here's a couple of examples of music:

Joe's calibration


If you would like to book your calibration session with me you can drop me a line or book online:

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