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Cancer? No thanks

Here is an interesting article for you to read by Dr Merle Loudon concerning Professor Andrew Hague's CellSonic machine.


Biophysics in One Package . Welcome to my Bi-weekly Preventing Cancer and Nutrition BULLETIN, June 25, 2022 Dr. Merle Loudon . There are three branches of medicine: biochemistry, biophysics, and psychology. Only biochemistry is used in modern medicine, unfortunately. It has only four products: vaccines, antibiotics, chemo drugs, and anesthetics, which lead to more surgery than necessary. Therapy drugs from the pharmaceutical industry do not destroy the cancer stem cells and are often dangerous, such as, for example, chemotherapy. Psychology has a name for everything and a cure for very little. The medics call it psychiatry and use drugs to shut off parts of the brain. Often some drugs cause permanent damage. The CellSonic therapy machine will successfully treat depression and anxiety without drugs. So what is biophysics? It recognizes that a fundamental part of all life on earth is electrically responsive because life originated in the presence of the 7.83-hertz resonance beaming in from the ionosphere. To ignore the bioelectric vibration properties of cells is to be unable to rectify any disease entity. This is widely seen when biochemistry fails to cure chronic disease. It is this understanding that makes the CellSonic VIPP machine so important to medicine today. It is BIOPHYSICS IN ONE SIMPLE PACKAGE. Within the Cellsonic therapy machine, VIPP stands for very intense pressure pulses which is a term applied by its originator, Professor Andrew Hague. He tells us that this is not a shockwave machine, it is much more. There are three forces emitted by the CellSonic machine: pressure, light, and an electrical field. Twenty-five thousand volts jump across a one-millimeter gap in the applicator head (often called a wand in America). Like thunder making a bang during a thunderstorm, there is also a flash of lightning and a shorting to earth of the high voltage. CellSonic is a hand-held thunderstorm. It is the electrical field from the non-invasive bang that affects the body, not a direct electrical connection. The time taken for the electricity to travel one millimeter is about one billionth of a second. There is nothing faster. The frequencies in that bang cover a wide range from low to very high and cover ALL THE FREQUENCIES of our body’s cells and organs. The pressure will cause damage to germs, and destroys them, plus

provokes healing. It sends messages to the immune system. It DOES NOT HARM HEALTHY BODY CELLS. The flash of light is the least understood aspect and is claimed by many CellSonic owners to be the vital, secret ingredient. The machine is FDA registered and is only used by therapists assessed and trained by the CellSonic company. Safety is the priority. Drugs are not used. There are no known deleterious side effects. The technology has evolved from lithotripsy which has treated millions of people for forty years with no reported side effects. Lithotripters are the only biophysics machines used widely for therapy. Many are used for diagnostics in the form of scanners. Most CellSonic owners and users claim that it stops pain by curing the cause of pain. This contrasts with the pharmaceutical approach of masking pain but not correcting the defect. The effect on cancer is interesting. The very fast bang creates very high frequencies sufficient to raise diseased cell voltage. It has been known for a hundred years that the cross membrane voltage of a cancer cell is – 10 millivolts. Such a cell is replicating profusely. The presence of the CellSonic’s burst of electrical field lifts the voltage to – 75 mv CONVERTING it into a normal cell and changing its behavior to normal. The rapid multiplication stops. This happens during a treatment and is detected by the diagnostics. A lady with thyroid cancer was cured in a very short time. During the day, BODY cells are replaced by new cells, billions of them. There are so many cells that some are not exact copies of their predecessor and end up in a different configuration. Some of these mutations are cancers. At night during a proper sleep, the immune system finds and kills the cells that are not normal. The next morning a person starts the day with normal body cells. Anything that disturbs sleep prevents the immune system from working. Sometimes cancer cells are not intercepted and destroyed. Studies of cancer patients show that in most cases the disruption was stress. It usually comes from within the family. If that stress is still present, cancer can re-occur. Most cancer patients admit to having gone through a stressful period years ago and are now safely beyond. Over the years the tumors have grown big enough to destroy surrounding healthy cells. If they had been checked three or more years earlier, cancer could have been found and stopped. A diagnosis and cure take twenty minutes. The plan for doing this is called Sapiens Shield. As well as stopping cancer in a person, the CellSonic machine is now able to stop cancer in a population. CellSonic Therapy can stop cancer forever.

At a Sapiens Shield clinic, a person is advised on all aspects of healthy living from stress management, diet balance, lifestyle changes, and the importance of exercise. Recently, a new use for the Cellsonic machine was discovered that reduces and helps remove mental depression. It is non-invasive and is a great improvement over the use of drugs in treating mental conditions like depression. People that have used the treatment say that they feel much better, relaxed, and cheerful. One morose patient even felt so improved that he started smiling to the surprise of relatives who had never seen him smile before. The Cellsonic also treats back pain while releasing back muscle tension. Many patients say that they feel like a “different person” after the treatment. One great benefit is in the treatment of neck pain. Neck pain is usually caused by a dysfunctional temporal mandibular joint, and the need for complete healing is to treat the overclosure or dysfunction of the bite. The use of the Cellsonic will usually erase the neck and back pain involved as a temporary procedure. Permanent bite and neck cervical vertebrae dysfunction need to be corrected before the patient will get better. Some, and not all, of the other great treatments that the CellSonic does are curing covid-19, reducing lower back pain, healing wounds including non-healing diabetic ulcers and gangrene, healing osteonecrosis of the mandible, and treating damaged nerves including the severed spinal cord. This is biophysics doing what biochemistry cannot do. It is easy to use and safe. Millions of patients have had their kidney stones disintegrated with much more powerful machines for the last forty years. No side effects have been reported. CellSonic’s technology is similar, faster, weaker, and handheld. Comments from owners and patients that have had CellSonic therapy have been very positive. One owner said that she bought the CellSonic machine to cure her breast cancer. It not only did that but helped her husband’s back pain. Many other owners and patients have said that the Cellsonic machine has saved their lives. It is a great treatment for anyone with cancer, is non-invasive while only treating mal-aligned and bioelectric body diseased cells. Cancer patients have a great future to look forward to using the CellSonic Therapy machine.


I shall be working just outside London where you can easily book a CELLSONIC treatment.

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