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Cupboard of Health

Living in the centre of Winchester has many benefits, one of which is being connected to some great people on the 'same page' who own healthy businesses. I have been really fortunate to meet the owner of such a business and have made an alliance seeing as the store sells organic, pure, high quality foods, remedies, supplements and skincare. Winchester's Health Store 'Cupboard of Health' will send your order the same day and stock everything you could wish for in a health shop, including organic essential oils and supplements that are not easily found in more ubiquitous stores. Take a look at the link.

So to all my clients, I shall be referring you to the cupboard of health for all your needs.

As my life expands and grows, I am collaborating with talented people to fulfill the needs of my clients from frequencies to supplements, nutrition to spiritual guidance. In these days of radical change, it's important that we support each other and as my homeopath once said: 'Walk each other home'.

Have a beautiful Wednesday.

Love Helen

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