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Demystifying Baphomet

An excerpt from chapter 9 of my forthcoming book:

"Looking at Baphomet, by stripping away the human stories, the idol worship and in this case dreadful imagination, we see, yet again, a direct correlation to the brain stem. We see wings (Cerebrum), arms (Brachium of inferior colliculus) a face, horns, legs and so on.....

....In electronics, the colour red symbolises a live current. Knowing we are electric beings, with this in mind, notice the colour red used in most Baphomet symbols at the base. Notice that the energy is moving upwards through the caduceus symbol (the two snakes) towards the centre which is the superior antillery vellum. The breasts represent the superior colliculus and the face itself represents the pineal gland. The fire issuing from the top of the head represents the internal fire or energy enlightening the pineal and raising up through the third ventricle, to the fornix (furnace) where connection with the divine is ignited enlightening the crown energy centre. The five pointed star is used and needs careful examination......"

The word Baphomet has a number of different origins and uses.

Here is a list of a few of them:

  • Bafumarias - old name for Islamic Mosques or Temples in around 1090

  • Mahommet - old French corruption of the word Mohamed

  • 1090 approx Knights Templars accused of worshipping Arabian idol Baphomet

  • Abu Fihamat - Arabic word meaning The Father of Understanding

  • Sophia - the encrypted word for Baphomet (using the ‘Atbash Cipher’ ) which means knowledge or wisdom or Goddess. (Greek).


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