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After decades of helping others on a daily basis to build their dreams, I am finally taking the time to REBUILD my own. I am saying no - I mean NO - to all that is out of alignment with my code of ethics and checking how influenced I have been through the fear of my own expansion. Enough is now enough. One can only take so much of being viewed and treated according to the limitations of others' perception.

It appears that people are still stuck in status and greed, ostentatiousness and control.

I have nothing to show except my soul and that, dear friends, is enough.

It is also all you're going to 'get' from me so if you don't like what my soul sees, hop it.

I am done with allowing myself to be 'used'. Used for my intuition, my inner knowledge and sensitive spirit, amongst other things.

People judge. They judge you by the matter, energy, space and time you occupy. Your hair, clothes, face, waistline, car and all physical things.

I have watched wealthy people question my ability to see. 'How can this nobody with nothing see so clearly into my life?' How in deed. Think camel and needles.

And that's not the half of it. I keep quiet about most of what I see and now, having had enough of other people's resistance, will have to be paid handsomely for the use of my gifts as giving is not the currency most people respect.

I have been saying the same things (and more) as Jo Dispenza for DECADES. Similar revelations as Santos, Bill Donahue and a number of other esoteric bodies out there as is evidenced in the age of my thesis (research gate). But that's all ego orientated and I am a woman without a PhD and once again people judge.

I don't need a PhD to love. No one does and without love life really is a clashing symbol or resounding gong. the Bible says it so well.

No-one knows what my life has been like and not many have asked. Let me tell you that if you want to get the oil, you have to be prepared to be crushed. Think olives and extra virgin.

And now, it's time for my ascension.

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