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Good Vibes all 'round....

I woke up this morning with a sense of love, joy and rejuvenation having co-hosted our initial 'raising your vibration' retreat in Queen Camel, Somerset with the incredible Kit Stapely (and wonderful husband) who opened her heart and gorgeous home to us all for the weekend.

Deep, lifelong connections were made with the guests who left late yesterday empowered, healed and ready to go forward in their lives with an expanded knowledge and wisdom that was freely shared over the three days we were all together.

Kit's wisdom, spiritual exercises, inner standing, unconditional love, patience, humour and unbiased free thinking (not to mention her awesome cooking) facilitated a safe space for people to just 'be' who they truly are. Healing happened.

The guests left us yesterday shining like laser beams with high vibrations and empowered with spiritual tools that will help them to maintain their state. They also demonstrated their own talents in Yoga, singing, chanting, organisation and healing. (You know who you are ladies LOL)

We were also empowered by Prof Andrew Hague, inventor of the 'cellsonic' machine, who gave us all a wonderful lecture and scientific explanation about cells, voltage, healing and his inventions. This was followed by a live example of cellsonic healing in action which profoundly moved us all.

We laughed together, we cried together, we sang together, we shared and it was truly lovely.

The next 'raise your vibration retreat' is the 13th-15th January 2023.

I am really looking forward to sharing this with more people as we move into the age of awakening, this age of Aquarius.

Thank you Kit, God brought us together for this work for such a time as this.

So grateful. xxx much love Helen

2 of our guests in the flow.

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Miembro desconocido
17 oct 2022

Sounds like an amazing time had by all :-)

Me gusta
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