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Health is Frequency so is Disease

Health is a vibration and so is disease.

Everything is frequency and vibrates according to its form and function, from the elements of fire, earth, air and water to the resonance of our thought patterns, heart beats and electro-magnetic fields. Putting 2 and 2 together, both health and disease are frequencies and therefore either create harmony or dissonance. Music is frequency and the shape of sound can be seen can be seen in many ways from Han Jenny’s cymatic experiments to the visible recording of sound waves. Even our blood has it’s own unique resonance and song (ref: Gil Alterovitz The Crimson).

The question is, how do you get from the vibration of disease to complete health?

The practical tools for healing are within us and all we need to do is activate them. We can use the power of our own intention, breath, voices and resonance to remedy dissonance and negative frequencies that may have become ingrained into our cells and consciousness.

Why not join our retreat and find out more.

Message me if you would like to book.

We have a few spaces left.

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