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June 21st 8pm GMT SPELL-BREAKER.

Dear All,

I am hosting a Solstice event and would love you to join in. We are putting all differences aside, all religion, conditions, ideas and joining together as one voice live on Skype with people from all over this realm. From America to Europe.

I am not leading this but hosting and have been preparing spiritually and doing all the social media stuff.

Here, we are all awake expressing our Divinity and we know that sound creates and UN-creates. Yes. It has the power of life or death. Remember?

So let's create the world we want to see and reclaim who we truly are and meant to be.

Click here for Skype Link: It's high time for us human beings to reclaim our sovereignty for ourselves and our planet!! We must UN-create the dystopia that's been created. It has shown us that we all need each other and a new way of life and that these 'people' and 'organizations' have served their purpose for our evolution and need to go, to make way for a more evolved, conscious, sovereign humanity, all of us connected with one another and in harmony with the Earth. Join us for this free event. If you want to reclaim your power, sovereignty and freedom, inside as well as outside in the world. If you want to stop this dystopian future other people are creating for us this event is for you! This is a non-denominational event for all people. We are coming together to break the spell through our intentions and voices as one people, unified together, all differences put aside. Here, we are awakened to ‘the controllers’

and relinquish all of their attempts to enslave and diminish. We declare our sovereignty and empower each other, standing together in mind, body and spirit. The so-called ‘controllers’ are vibrationally very low so we, as awakened Spiritual beings have the power to STOP all of this. During the event, you will be invited to go into a deep state of meditation. We are different and have different methods and modalities and practices. There is no right or wrong about this. It’s all about the intention and the intention is to reclaim our Sovereignty and our Beloved Earth. Click here for Skype Link:

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