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Just stand.

I received a transmission today. It went something like this:

When the timelines have collapsed around you

Just stand

When all that is left is the earth beneath you

Just stand

When the people believe nothing but lies about you,

reject you and close their doors

Just stand

Stand when the wind blows hard against your soul

Stand up when everyone else is sitting

Stand in the light of truth and love


Just stand

Stand when you are trembling and when your knees are hurting

from the weight you have been carrying and

Stand as you let it go


Stand when your heart is hurting

when your soul is crying for understanding,


inner standing

Just stand

When the poisons of the world take their toll

Find a tree and stand with it


With arms outstretched

Receiving the love from the whole of creation

Feet on the Earth



And then I had a little rant!

Here it is:

Love Helen

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