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Good day beautiful people. Thanks for joining me here. I am currently having a break in London and walking around 10 miles a day. My feet nearly fell off yesterday!

We went to the Tate Art Gallery, walked up to Westminster, over the bridge, up to the Eye, had lunch, walked across the bridge, walked all the way up Charing Cross Rd, went to bookshops, then walked to Oxford Circus, dodged a few crazy people and finally took the tube home and gave up walking the last mile and caught a cab!

Looking at London now having left over a decade ago, it seems small and tree-less compared to the green Devon countryside with endless sky I have become accustomed to. I feel so grateful for my life now. The streets are busy and noisy here with people rushing to work to make a £ or $ and there's a feeling of urgency that I remember so well. It's so easy to get caught up in it all, thinking about the future rather than living in the now. A bit cliched but true.

I took a little time to study Turner's paintings yesterday and enjoyed the progression from detail to light. More and more light came into his pictures the older he became... I look at my life and see the same progression... more and more light is coming in the older I get. I 'm reminded of a little photo of my late Mother pinned to my kitchen notice board (she was such a good cook... I often look at her and ask for inspiration) which is gradually fading into light... she is almost all gone... just a little bit of her hair and face left and a flutter of her silk dress...

I thought about how long each Turner painting must have taken and how now, even stopping to take a photograph can seem irritating to some people in a hurry as time seems to have speeded up and people are busy, busy, busy and so distracted by the apparency of what is in front of them and yet, never really looking to see what it's really telling them.

I thought about all the books that have been written, all those words issuing from one mind into another and I thought about my contribution and how my flow will affect the dynamic. More and more words.... As we passed St Martin-in-the-fields church I saw a big stone with: 'The word became flesh' written on it and thought about how the truth is in front of us, from the winged Egyptian bench sculpture (see pic below) to the shape of sound manifested all around us.

As I sit here in Chelsea (a gift from a beautiful friend) I feel so fortunate to be alive to witness this time and place, to notice the shift within, to experience the layers of reality in the quantum field and to reach for the light, for good, for love, for God in the midst of all, internally and externally.

Sending love to all.

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