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Moon in June

As we head towards full moon, if you are doing a parasite cleanse, up the dosage to 3 times a day or as directed. The unwanted guests like to lay their eggs at full moon.

'During a full moon parasite cleanse, specific protocols – like dietary changes, herbal supplements, fasting and enemas – can be used to eliminate these from the body.'

Dr Laubscher lists the following as signs you may have parasite overgrowth:

  1. Low energy or IBS symptoms.

  2. Finding it hard to lose weight.

  3. Fungal infections.

  4. White coating on your tongue.

  5. Skin conditions, breakouts and acne.

  6. Depression or anxiety.

Time to clean up the body?

Let's do it!


Or 'Heart of Wales' Parasite cleanse via ebay.

xx Helen

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