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Musical scales and your body

How many of you realise that every part of your body is vibrating, sending out wave forms (Hertz) either harmonically or dissonantly?

I am sure a lot of you know this.

So, without preaching to the choir, why not consciously sing an Ionion scale, noticing the vibrations in your body?

Why is the heart or love frequency thought of as 528 Hz?

No one tells you. You can try digging and digging and you won't find anything.

Every room creates a resonant frequency. The sitting room has its own note. Think about it, where do you actually live? Your temple has its own note (s) and the geometry of the heart creates its own sound. Apply this to your whole body and you will start to join the dots up.

Once you have, start your melody.

Each one of us has a unique blood-song. The resonance of the blood is like a thumb print.

This has been demonstrated by Gil Altrovitz (The Crimson)

For more information, why not book a 1-2-1 with me or join us on a retreat?

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