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New Beginnings

Sometimes life takes a different and unexpected turn and leaves you wondering what on earth just happened? 'Trust the process' is what I heard my inner voice say when I found myself walking out of what I thought was a great new job.

Out of the experience, I have gained absolute confidence in the modalities I have been working on and with and could write a book on the difference between working face to face / soul to soul and with machines. People have been healed and empowered and that is all that matters.

As the illusion of all I had become involved with dissolved into its own stew, the truth of who I am caused people around me to react either very positively or the opposite. Once again, I drew the poisons out and carried them with me when I resigned, alchemising them into fuel for the next chapter. The bullying and office nonsense is now just a faded black and white post card with 'return to sender' stamped on it.

Each experience brings me into closer alignment with what I am here to do as an expression of service. I am grateful.

So what am I here to do?

Well, besides music, art, writing and being a Mother I have always used sound to heal, either through writing and singing songs, performances, talks etc. I am a channel and always have been. I now see that it is time to implement the vision I have been given and to never procrastinate again. Expedient means, perhaps? Showing me how 'not' to lead.

Sometimes the vision seems impossible, and on the face of it, mine looks like Everest. I have absolutely no idea how it will happen but I know that it will. It's just a matter of taking one step after the other.

To build a Sound healing and Spiritual Training Centre, one has to surrender completely to Divine will. The good old: 'Thy will not mine be done'.

I get glimpses and also get loud red flags when I take a wrong turn which is helpful as I do tend to get over excited and gallop off with the wind in my tail.... until I realize...

Nothing is wasted. It's all part of the process and I am so grateful for it all. No hard feelings towards those who acted badly - that's their journey. The door was open, and I walked through it. The way is now clear.

I am writing my second book, treating people on a daily basis from home and online and I am a part of a 'clinic on the move' which is forming with practitioners who will come to you in the London and South Eastern Area of the UK.

We have a number of unique services and will be happy to go into detail should you wish to book.

The new book has a working title of 'Seven Meditations for an Anxious Heart'. It's very short but hopefully potent. It includes audio as well.

So for all who are facing new beginnings, there is nothing to fear. Walk right through that door! The future is now.

See you all very soon.

Love Helen

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