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New Services!

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce that I have been graced with incredible people walking into my life this year who have expanded my work tremendously.

During this time of awakening, we are all finding each other and supporting each other through this incredible transition into our best selves.

I will be blogging about each and every person individually from Kit Stapely (with whom I host the Good Vibration Retreats and assist at the Clinic at Queen Camel, Somerset) to my soul Brother Vinny Grant who has devised the most incredible change work, helped me break through my own blockages and is now currently working in parallel on my 2nd book. (The first one will be out in the Spring.)

However, to begin with, I'd like to introduce you all to Craig Whitewood-Khan. He is a business owner (Quantum Leap Hypnosis) an expert in Natural Law and all things "Quantum". He is giving both one to one and group sessions in Quantum Jumping which I have found to be fun and consciousness expanding, both as a group and individually.

OK Craig, please explain Quantum Jumping:

"..quantum jumping is this: we go into a hypnotic state that we have full control of to work with the subconscious mind that is aware of all realities in the perceived past present and future across what is known as the multiverse, so we tune in to the multiversal mind, this includes past lives and ancestral lives. By setting an intention of which point in time we wish to go to (visit) and by writing it out before hand we create map with a set pathway by which we can then visit these points in time with our energy bodies. Like an out of body experience but with point to point control (takes a bit of practice with guidance).

Why is it beneficial?

"It’s beneficial as we can start to unravel the past and integrate the events that happen to us so we can resolve issues in the present, also we can resolve family lineage traumas as well as traumatic events in our current lives and in past lives. This then enables us to in-vision a perceived future that we want to create for ourselves. It’s super manifesting by alchemising perceived past events into a golden dawning future."

If you would like to book a session with Craig, drop him an email and you can work out the finer details between you. I sometimes like to join in the weekly group sessions so I might see you there.

Wishing you all a beautiful time this December and a Happy new 2023. Break free in 23!

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