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Online Raise Your Vibration One Day Workshop

There's so much to talk about.

Come and join us for a one day workshop on raising your vibration.

We are all at different stages and none of us are exactly Gautama Siddhartha as there's probably work to do, laundry to do, animals to feed and Kids to run around if you have them. It's not as if we can literally sit under the bodhi tree twiddling our pineal glands is it?

Anyway, that said, it might be time for you to just take a breath, be still in the comfort of your own living room and chill while we give you a few ideas on raising your vibe, especially as the so called 'black swan' event is on people's minds (unfortunately) bringing the vibe down. Ugh.

Anyway, if you want to join, it's donation only and I am co-hosting with the amazing Kit Stapely via our business. It's open to all so just drop us a line and we will send you the link.

I will be talking a little bit about sound and how it affects the mind body and spirit.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

You can get back to me or contact us via the gvr website email

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