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To say that I have been saddened by the lack of female voices speaking out is an understatement. The repression of women and the feminine aspect / energies is at an all time high and evidenced in the outplaying of the current planetary affairs. What a performance! A hammed up approximation of women by the new trans societies, who, in spite of their greatest efforts to 'become women' will only ever be approximated, hormone induced replicas. I don't care what you say.

In my video, you will see the all too obvious effects of 56 years of programming out-played in my own life through my professional and personal relationships. It takes time to realise.

The distinct lack of respect for the feminine starts with me having always been programmed to aspire to do both a woman's and man's job. The separation of our sexes, the lack of comprehension and inbred disrespect perpetuates itself inside and outside of society where men have no 'balls' to speak out and women have been abused at the hands of angry men who take out their frustrations on those who would stand up to the nonsense.

It's the same old same old. Women who speak out, stand up for themselves and are intolerant of insolence are bolshy and shot down. Female Single parents have no status and are a threat to other women - who have been programmed to "do as their husband says'.

I have grown weary.

The things I was saying when I was 17 are being said now by men with PhD's - and they are heard because they are men.

As women, we have noticed. However, apparently it is more important for men to become 'women' than it is for women to have their say in a world where the masculine is dominant. And look at what a great job they're making of it all.

Supposedly FATHER God provides, when in fact, it is MOTHER NATURE who provides.

Mother who nurtures, comforts, restores. loves, forgives, is gentle, stops wars, teaches etc etc.

Parthenogenesis obliterates the patriarchy and is hushed up.

This world has a face only a mother could love right now and it is about time us MOTHERS (with or without kids) stood together to help each other, support one another's causes and stop acting and fighting like men. We are not men.

Some of the women in my life have been appalling and there is no excuse for it. We need to do the inner work and stop messing around trying to look good for men's approval. I mean it. We need to know our purpose, our gifts and share our secrets.

Pray to the MOTHER and see what happens.

Ultimately, of course, it is beyond sex. However, as we pass through duality, is it not important to respect the masculine and feminine energies?

I wish you well.

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