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Perhaps arrogance is inverted fear?

Recently, I have noticed that I have been eroded by arrogance. It's something I've had to deal with either when working or in correspondence i.e. texting or on social media.

I have taken a good look at myself and have been humbled in this life in so many ways. I have really cringed looking back. I needed to be humbled.

Knowing that adverse suggestions can't hurt if made by those who are not equal in energy and awareness, I've had to do some inner work that made me realise that I know nothing and can only ever be a vessel for the divine 'I am consciousness' to dwell in and that is not 'me.'

As I see this more clearly, I have found it really difficult to handle arrogant and selfish behaviour in others when unconsciously directed my way. I think the fact that it's usually unconscious answers the whole question - they know not what they do - and perhaps, it's my turn to see the destruction arrogance can cause as I caused so much of it in the past?

Peeling off the layers, getting down to the nitty gritty, it actually looks like inverted fear. Smells like fear. Tastes like fear but it's ostentatiously dressed as 'all knowing, all seeing' confidence.

When arrogance meets vulnerability, it's blinded by its own distorted perception, mistaking empathy for oversensitivity and vulnerability for weakness. But perhaps the truth is that it takes a lot of strength to admit to being vulnerable?

I've been met with arrogance and a lack of compassion when I have shown my own vulnerable nature and brokenness.

Because of fear, people have the tendency to want to dominate or control others who challenge the paradigm that strength presents as bold confidence. It's a fine line between confidence and arrogance and it's sometimes hard to spot at first. It's only after time has past and the erosion in one's soul has taken place that suddenly the truth appears and the energy lost can be restored.

Here's to restoration for one and all.

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