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Prepping for Autumn

It's always good to stay ahead of the game even if you're not playing it. Once you have got yourself into a good place, done the inner work and found your balance, then you have everyone else's intentions, dramas and games to navigate!

Not focussing on their games and keeping your own counsel is the key to a good journey right through to the end.

Just remember, Siddhartha 'sat under the Bodhi Tree' all day in contemplation - not a luxury many of us can afford. Which tree is that do you think? Just bear in the mind the 'bobble hat' on top of his head symbolises the pineal gland.

Although we all live busy lives, taking time for ourselves in contemplation or meditation every day is essential. Everything comes from within. Everything.

If you're experiencing dramas and changes and upheaval you have to ask yourself, where is this coming from? The answer is always the same.... and if you don't take responsibility for yourself then suffering ensues.

Prepping for Autumn is not just making sure you're stocked up with cans of soup and dried food should their be some sort of external drama. The future is not written yet and CAN be changed. That's our job and why we are here. Prepping is your mindset. How you are thinking and responding to the outplaying dramas on this timeline.

Remember it's the response to the timeline that empowers or disempowers you. Which one will it be?

Don't limit yourself. There are myriad outcomes and all are dependent on the decisions made in the now. The past and the future are created now so why not make some GREAT decisions? Do something different and get a different outcome.

If you need help with your vision, firstly open your pineal gland through cleansing and contemplation (members get the course included in their subscription). Then, write your vision. Make it good. Then action it. If you're in need of a one to one, you know where I am. That's up to you. However, I can show you some keys to empower you to unlock the door.

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, enjoy your days as they are so precious.


Helen xxx

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