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Revelations. 'I'll let you be in my dreams, if I can be in yours...'

It been a while hasn't it?

I have been busy moving my physical life to a new city/town and working my backside off endlessly. Today is my first day off in the week for quite some time, which means I am working the weekend.

Over the past 3 months, I have realised why I have been so cloistered for over a decade in Devon. It was an accelerated learning course in healing and humanity. I am glad we have moved out of the hills and away from yesterday's echoes which seemed never ending. This new space is very different.

Yes, very different coming out of obscurity into the remains of the old world and its prehistoric paradigms. Back on the grid again.....Amazing and yet shocking as one foot is dipping its toe in the toxic soup of business and the other looking for somewhere safe to land where there is no status, no greed and no bullshit. Yeah I know, good luck in finding that, Helen.

Well, there have been some amazing results with the technology I have been using - namely the 'Cellsonic', however, I have had proof time and time again that my own modality works like a dream for those who can manage to stay consistent in this inconsistent distracting 'whirled' we live in. I am here because of my own affirmations, down to the last penny. The truth is I need to think bigger next time. Thinking beyond the perimeter of the sphere I have been previously occupying is essential in order to create something I can not quantify and therefore not limit through subconscious fears.

Outside of time, there is no past or future. There are no past lives and no future lives because it is all 'happening' simultaneously. What we perceive as a linear lifetime is seen only through the attention of consciousness as revealed through our ability to shift timelines and 'quantum jump' into another reality or agreement as ideas manifest in and out of form according to the flow of our infinite vibration.

Someone recognised me as 'a sound healer from Ancient Egypt' the other day. My thoughts were more about string theory and Andromeda at that moment.... 'ball of string' I thought. Remembering that I am the master of my timelines and the centre of my wheel (it's in my book) and once the wheel is mastered, one can ascend (take one's awareness) to pastures new - which looks quite different outside of 3,4 5 and 6 dimensions - on we go... ( "I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours".... Bob Dylan).

I've realised that ALL people have the same problems and they are all rooted in fear. Fear is the killer and it needs to be overcome. I have been counselling back to back for 3 months and hear the same things every day from people from all walks of life. 'I was abused', 'I was abandoned, rejected, unloved etc etc etc'. I get to sense stinking thinking on a daily basis and get to spiritually re-tune the human instruments in front of me. Most don't even know they are tunable - that's how disempowered people have become. It is so simple... really it is.

I have noticed that us humans have no idea how to handle our own and others' 'energy'. Most people are saturated with other people's crap without even knowing it. The Chinese practices teach this. Qi Gong is a good answer. Noticing how. who, where, when and what has leaked or saturated one's field is a good way of removing the unwanted lower sonic vibrations of fear, hatred and all that toxic waste. Flush the chain? Someone?

Getting dressed in gratitude is far more effective for a happy life. Remembering gratitude is an important discipline. I speak for myself.

Most toxic people have toxic thoughts, bodies, minds and souls. Being around those who are unaware of their own stench is sometimes a challenge. However, we all stink occasionally.

Time to let go, forgive, release and take responsibility for one's own energy and where one is putting it.

Sending love and harmony to all


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