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Spiritual Alchemy

As times have changed since 2020 and we are surfacing from the elongated rabbit holes and warrens of natural law, spiritual awakening and protestation, my whole exposition of this theme has morphed into something else as the tides of awareness have swept the notions of what had the apparency of existence away back into the ocean of love and mercy.

The further inside i / we go the more i/we see externally as a result. Balancing the internal energies of masculine and feminine, positive, negative and 'neuter' or Earth, as the ternery, trinity, three in one. The seeker will always find but the going gets rough sometimes. The test is to keep going even when your compass is hidden. Consistency is the new currency. "Just keep on going" I hear myself say. It reminds of the kid's story I used to read to Daisy: "We're going on a bear hunt" (can't go under it, can't go over it, got to go through it). So through it we go. Over this past 3 years, I have discovered that I am more of a private person than I ever knew. I don't like to lead in prayer and worship as before, I don't want to guide meditations or do much group stuff at this time. I used to but somehow, I can't bring myself to. I can join in with (some special) others but not speak much unless I am asked. It's a weird one. From being like a lion roaring away to watching like a hawk in the background. I think the book took it out of me! My voice is better seen in print now rather than elsewhere. Some part of me is content to clean the kitchen, make a salad, mow the lawn and get some sleep when I can. My body is telling me. The aches and pains of this awakening process have taken their toll and I am in need of maintenance. I thank my sisters here who have helped me to let go of 'stuff' and see there is more to go. Easy does it. Seeing is one thing, acting upon it is another. (James 2:24) We are all in the process of the purging, the inner fire igniting our souls to a higher consciousness, a deeper awakening and then, to help each other as we go. I think this is the key.

It has been surprising to observe how the ego has hammered and forged its weaponry using its 'vessels' for its own purposes causing so much division within the 'truther' movement. People OVER charging for esoteric knowledge, natural law or healings, gaining followings and spouting utter tripe. Some are taking people out, down, shooting off their egos with precision targeting and perpetuating more of the same old same old from the old world mentality, waving THEIR flags as their ship of fools is sinking or sailing towards a future where AYE refuse to go. My feet are on the earth right now.

I don't need 'groundology' to take my shoes off. The birds are singing and the leaves have enjoyed a night of rain. Simple. Hot, cold, wet, dry, fire, water, earth, air, wood, metal... all the elements to enjoy our Leela. When the frequency of judgement is removed, liberty ensues. Derision and division are never stable things to build your temple upon. Even watching it in others causes a wobble - just like the moons of Jupiter when they get too close to the gravitational pull they cause distortion both ends.

Nature is consistent and a currency or flow we can depend upon, no matter how much certain forces might try to mess it up. Winter ALWAYS turns to Spring... eventually.

So here is to the revelation of dark matter. The alchemical process of turning unseen into seen, darkness into light. Here's to turning metal into gold. The elements in which we live, creating a cluster of atoms in harmony with the highest frequencies manifest internally, here, now. May our resonances be true, in alignment and gentle on the soul.

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