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I am being tested like never before. The book is just about to be released and I am being stretched beyond myself in every direction.

I will just have to let go and Let God.

I do have major wins as I push back against the energies that would seek to pull me down. Yesterday I obliterated a parking fine for £100.00 with a template from 'Empower the People'. They cancelled the fine immediately - result!

It's a battle between the old stories and the new. My old timelines have collapsed and I am wading through the debris trying to thumb a lift to a higher existence. Old thought-forms sometimes drag me down and I as I grab my gossamer wings I wonder; did I fly too close to the sun?

No one can walk this path except me. 'It's my expression of the Divine,' I hear myself say quietly as I am waiting for the next spiritual bus out of here.

As I strap myself in for the next round of nail-biting white-water-rafting I realise that the straps no longer work. Gossamer wings are fake. Armour is fake. The little me is not in charge and never was. Icarus has to go.

I need time to myself and so, as a single Mother, the only time I can grab is in the wee small hours. I surrender to God's will for my life. Not my will, but thine be done. I pray for us all during this time of deep global transition. I pray our faith will be enhanced and we will reach a peaceful plateau where we can restore and take a moment. I could do with a few moments! It's been a ride this last three years.

I am grateful to those who have walked with me. May your days be filled with grace and good fortune.

Sending you all love

Helen x

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