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The Heart

Dearest Friends, known and unknown,

I have been moved to focus on the heart having been writing so much about the mind and brain! As I focus my attention, more and more I inner-stand that without the heart, clever words, clever thoughts, clever lives mean nothing. It's the difference between someone who can play all the notes of a musical piece perfectly with no feeling and someone who is not so accomplished who plays a note or two on their violin and brings people to a state of bliss or emotional release. A fine example of someone who is both would be Ruth Fazal who can just play a few notes and one's whole being changes. Why? Because she has the heart of God, open and pumping with Divine love, so even in the darkest night, faith is renewed and uplifts the soul.

If you are facing difficulties during this time of global transition, have faith and keep your heart open. The resonance of love and faith are the strongest powers in the universe (multiverse) and penetrate EVERYTHING. God is love, love is God.

  1. Ask yourself who you need to forgive?

  2. Who do you need to send your love to?

  3. What is the God within asking you to do or be in order to raise your vibration?

  4. Are there things in your life that you need to address that you have put on the back burner? If so, get them off the burner and deal with them.

Your heart might be closed because of the pain you have suffered or are suffering. The heart actually physically scars when trauma is experienced. Release this trauma, keep the heart open and remember that it's a gift not a curse. Love is the holy oil of the universe and keeps everything flowing and turning. People can show up to test this (and boy don't I know this) and just at the point when you're recovering, come back just to make sure.

It's time to cut the rope. Let go and allow your hot air balloon to ascend. Stop holding on the things (people, thoughts, emotions) that are weighing you down.

The heart is the next chapter of my book and there are so many extraordinary things to know about it.

From my heart to yours with Love


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