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The honour is mine

As someone who has walked a tightrope in a howling gale for most of my life, getting used to this new peaceful stage sometimes feels uncomfortable. As a warrior, I am still ready to fire at a moment's notice and have, in the past, often had to shoot from the hip.

What I have noticed is that people who are younger versions of the same energy lack respect for others and I see that when you're fighting for survival out of fear, common courtesy goes to the wall and it's all too easy to brandish the sword in the name of justice while wounding everyone else on the same side, through lack of awareness. It's the nature of fear, of false courage and trying to be brave when really, the truth is, you're 'bricking it.'

As I step into who I have always truly been, my journey is taking me deeper in to the healing of others and heck, there's a lot to heal.

In this new era, the skills that I have had to hide are no longer considered witchery and the superstition has been de-mystified in my own life, leaving a very plain truth with no frills which is far more trustworthy than the youthful mysteries of the past. It is what it is.

Recently I have been honoured to work with The Clinic at Queen Camel in Somerset, UK.

This has introduced some very beautiful people on a deep healing journey into my life. The bravery and courage they express are all too familiar to me and yet, there is something else. There's a deep love and compassion that has filled the healing rooms and has moved all present to tears.

The truth is that none of us want others to suffer, to be hurt or sick. Even the hardest heart would soften to see a loved one healed. We none of us want to be in pain or cause it and for those that do, they are in the deepest pain themselves. Hurt people, hurt people as the phrase goes.

So it's my honour to be a part of people's journey to health on every level. I know what it's like to be hanging on to a thread in a hurricane.

Finally, honour has appeared after years of war. It took over 50 years to forge it.

Tell me, where are you currently? What stage? Let me know. Are you fighting or are you somewhere else?

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