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UK Retreat October 14th/15th and 16th 2022

Dear All,

I'd like to invite you to join us for our 'Raise your Vibration" retreat in October 2022.

Set in the beautiful village of Queen Camel in Somerset, the ‘Open Pathway Retreat Centre’ provides the perfect setting for you to unwind, meditate, eat nourishing food and enjoy the empowering and transforming programme that Kit Stapely and Helen Sheppard have devised.

There are Ancient Techniques, evolved in humans since the dawn of time and this retreat will help you to reclaim these powerful natural abilities that we have lost sight of in our modern world. At the same time, we will introduce you to new cutting edge technology which is proving almost miraculous for for many serious health conditions. This is a unique program of insights, revelations and finding your fun in a supportive natural environment.

There will be a live interview with special guest Professor Andrew `Hague, inventor of the cutting edge CellSonic machine who will answer all your questions regarding how this incredible piece of tech works in relation to healing, voltage, and keeping your vibration high and you can pre-book your session in advance with Kit.

If you are:

  1. Struggling to manifest the life you want to live

  2. Struggling to feel joyful and happy

  3. Lack direction and motivation

  4. Repeat old patterns over and over again (eg: in relationships)

  5. Feel trapped, lost or stuck in a traumatic situation

  6. Don’t know how to find release from the past

  7. Need and want change but don’t know what to do about it

Come and join us be prepared to move forward into the direction of your dreams.

“You cannot solve your problems with the same level of thinking that created it.”

Albert Einstein

You will learn:

  1. Power of play and laughter

  2. Power of music, voice and sound

  3. Boundaries the key to successful relationships

  4. Fun is a spiritual value

  5. Principles of manifestation

  6. Visualisation

  7. Meditation to raise your vibration

Plus lots more spiritual tools to keep your vibration high.

Sound healing

Singing through the Chakras

Mindset Reset


Walking Meditations in the beautiful surrounding countryside

Powerful tools for manifestation


6 and a half acres of gardens

One to One sessions with Kit and Helen

CellSonic sessions (booked separately)

Delicious food

Heated indoor Swimming pool

Arrive on Friday morning, leave Sunday lunchtime. Pre-book your one to one sessions for Thursday and Monday if you prefer.

If you are interested in this retreat, please let me know and we will put you on the mailing list.

Many thanks in advance xxxx Good Vibrations from all of us.

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