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Who are we?

How much do you know about your history? Where you come from, who your Ancestors were? If you're lucky, you might go as far back as your Great-Great-Grand-Parents. Most people these days don't even know their current relations let alone their forebears. My Auntie (who only found my adopted father 12 years ago after 25 years of digging....) has a degree in genealogy and is rather like Miss Marple. She has gone back 700 years into my paternal line only to find an extraordinary pattern. The men, ALL of them, were artists and military musicians. My father, who was a war baby, adopted by his Mother's sister, was a military musician and incredible artist. Extraordinary. In my own life, I have a warrior spirit and have been a musician and artist all my life. My teenage daughter is a natural artist and musician. These incredible gifts and patterns from the past are so precious. In this life, one of my biggest lessons has been forgiveness. Truly heinous things have happened and I have had to dig very very deep to remove the offending cracked cornerstone. Once this was done, everything changed. I am still a work in progress. We all are.

As I found myself in the promised land, I was a stranger. Learning to live in the land of milk and honey is something relatively new. It's a different vibration, currency and vision. Being Sovereign in my own life is a discipline in itself.

The processes I take people through are based on my own life experience (as well as some training). I am not what you would call a therapist. That's not me. I use my area of expertise (music and sound) for the benefit of other people. That's my passion. Knowing the power of sound over the mind body and spirit and having experienced first hand a lifetime where I have roared:THIS STOPS WITH ME! I have overcome and had victory over 50 years worth of Goliath and his mates. LOL. Whatever your Goliath may be, you have the God power within you to overcome it all. At this time in my life, I am working on my body, nutrition and energy patterns. Discernment of my own and other people's energy has been key in maintaining a stable life. One has to ask oneself, is this my energy or someone else's?

Knowing who we really are is the key.

Knowing our patterns in this life is also another key and once we have unlocked that door, we might find another door leading us to our Ancestral Patterning.

I have had great success with particular processes which includes radical forgiveness of all those who have caused harm. It's a deep subject.

If you would like to talk about these things or have a 1-2-1 session with me, just drop me an email.

See you soon xx Helen

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