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You may be wondering, What is the point of Raising My Vibration? What is the point of this Retreat?

We are infinitely more complex than just the physical plane.

If your heart and your mind are not connected it doesn't matter much healing you have, nothing will change for very long.

Imagine jump-starting a car, then it stalls and you’re back at Square One. If your dynamo is not operating, you fall back after every encouraging treatment.

Things manifest on the physical plane out of discrepancies on the mental, emotion, spiritual and metaphysical planes.

These discrepancies need urgent addressing. It takes three weeks to three months to create neurogenesis.

It is, therefore, essential to take ownership of your dis-ease and align yourself with a powerful (and positive) intention born out of your truest self.

It is for this reason we are urging you to take advantage of all we have to share with you on the Retreat.

We call it: New Year New You because it's important to address the deeper issues that are raised by your physical problems.

To book, please go to the website or email us directly.

With very best wishes Kit & Helen

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