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Hallo Helen
I am okay - very much okay.
Every day i spend two and a half - 3 hours  together with your affirmations and together with some  more of Rifes healing frequencies. ( and no truant ).
Yes, it is a long time, and perhaps too much. But i am feeling so nice with doing these things for myself.
Afterwards i am sweating a lot. And I am very tired. So i put my sessions late in the evening before my bedtime.
Helen. I am so thankful for all your help, and for all your information you were magnanimous to share with me.
I would never never by myself could find this gentleman, Rife. My head did not see in that direction.
So you are often in my thoughts, as a very important person here forth against my recovery. Trust me, because is i the truth.
And together with my thoughts i see your lovely smile and your beautiful radiation ( ? ), so you are simultaneously far away, and near by.

Yesterday i was in the hospital where I was told, that the cancer stood still. It was an answer I liked. I am given a next CT scanning in 4 month. And in by the time I will be very tense about the result.

I will write again so you can follow the results of your effort.

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